Fruitfully Living

Raising Ezer Women for God’s Glory

A Place for Women and Their Daughters

My goal behind Fruitfully Living is to help women feel inspired, edified, and valued. I often feel burdened by how women have been abused, devalued, dismissed, and in many ways have been unappreciated. They are not living fruitful lives because they live in the shadow of men not knowing exactly how to live out their calling. But to live out a fruitful life as a woman, we must first define womanhood by God’s standards.

I neither portray a secular feminist view nor a traditional Christian view. As I have dug into the scriptures, I have found that God’s definition of womanhood is neither of those. It is more complicated and more beautiful than either of those two views. Traditional Christians may find some of my articles too edgy. Feminists may find my articles too soft. I am not here to please either of them. I am here to present the Bible as honestly as I can and show that God didn’t create women to be passive, but to be strong, wise, bold, and Christ-like.

Do you feel undervalued in your current church? Fruitfully Living is for you.

Do you feel lost and have not really defined your calling? Fruitfully Living is for you.

Do you feel like you are living in the shadow of men? Fruitfully Living is for you.

Do you feel scared to raise your daughters in a male-dominated world? Fruitfully Living is for you.

As a mother of two daughters, naturally, my daughters are one of the main reasons I blog today. Much of the content is written with the purpose of inspiring them to be who God called them out to be. I want to help equip and prepare my daughters to face the world and understand their value as girls and eventually women. My blog is something I want to leave to them, but in the process help and inspire other women. So if you are ready to embark on this journey with me, enter my blog.