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Fostering Happy Childhoods

When I was a teacher at Sunday school for high school and college students, one day I had them do a little writing exercise.  We were covering the topics of materialism versus contentment so I asked each of them to…
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My Six Srategies for Healthy Children

There is nothing more frustrating for parents than when your little one starts feeling under the weather.  You sometimes feel so helpless and wish that there was more than you could do to ease their discomfort.  Sometimes there is not…
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When We Can’t Control Everything.

God has given us parents a wonderful gift, our children.  They are under our care and it is our responsibility to teach, nurture, and love these children.  I believe that God has given each of us the ability to intellectually…
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Answering the Call

I have written an article previously about teaching children from an early age how to give.  Giving is such a big part of what I believe is instrumental in keeping a happy home.  For me, kids that know how to…
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Lessons About Giving: Grandma, Ken and an Orphan Boy

There was a turning point in my childhood that took me from being a rich spoiled little girl to having a desire to give and help those less fortunate than myself.  And I have to thank my grandmother for that.…
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A Man Transformed by Jesus, An Inspirational Story

My step-dad is one of the most inspirational people I know with an unshakeable faith. During my most difficult moments of my adulthood, he was a fountain of wisdom and encouragement. I feel truly blessed to be able to call…
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