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Organic at Dirt Cheap Prices

New Vision Community Church, my parents church, runs a great ministry called the Joseph Storehouse.  It is a little store at the church that sells organic and gourmet foods for a fraction of what it would cost at a regular…
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Organic Isn’t Weird

Misconceptions About Organic FoodsI often get amused by the reaction by some of my friends, family, acquaintances when they find out that my family eats primarily organic foods.  Many give me this look like I just came from outer space. …
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Should You Join a CSA?

CSA– Community Supported Agriculture Disclaimer: My experience is based on an organic CSA. The Basics In a CSA, you basically buy a share of the farmers produce.  Once a week you go pick up your share.  Typically, unlike the supermarket,…
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Preventing Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy

My first pregnancy I gained a lot more weight than I should have.  I worked out on a regular basis, but I was constantly eating more than was necessary.  And anyone that has been pregnant knows how hard it is…
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A Man Transformed by Jesus, An Inspirational Story

My step-dad is one of the most inspirational people I know with an unshakeable faith. During my most difficult moments of my adulthood, he was a fountain of wisdom and encouragement. I feel truly blessed to be able to call…
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