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Jehosheba: The Princess Hero

Jehosheba Princess Hero Image

When we think of brave women of the Bible, Deborah and Esther come straight to mind, but have you ever heard of Jehosheba? Honestly, until yesterday, I had not. The story of this princess hero appears in only two Bible…
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How to Overcome Extreme Suffering

The Experience from a Women’s Retreat I was recently asked by New Vision Community Church to help teach at a women’s retreat in Texas. I was part of a team that included two other amazing teachers and mature women in…
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How to Make People Feel Welcomed at Church

One of the things that I love about my church, is that love prevails. It is a beautiful thing for many reasons, but that love played a big role for us deciding to join this church despite our initial reluctance.…
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Woman, Gird Up Your Loins

Woman, Gird Up Your Loins — Calling Women Out of Traditional Roles  Have you ever read a verse over and over and think you get it, but years later you read it again, and BOOM, you see something you had…
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Lies We Believe as SAHMs

Lies we believe as SAHMs image

From Vacation Planning to Total Meltdown It is funny how little, almost insignificant things can make you reflect on some deep seated feelings you didn’t even realize were there. This happened to me recently. In my case, they were feelings…
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How to Change Your Husband

How to change your husband

The honest truth is that YOU can’t. However, before you stop reading, know that your husband can change, but you are probably the reason that he is not. Sorry for that hard dose of reality, but know that there is…
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