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Self-Cutting: Why People Do It and How To Help Them?

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Self-cutting. I really don’t remember how exactly I got the idea to start doing it but I do remember the first time I tried it. My dad used to keep hospital scalpels in the house as an alternative to razor…
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How to Love Like Jesus

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Love like Jesus. It seems simple enough and yet I find that few Christians do (myself included). Instead, I see two extreme attitudes that run rampant within the Christian Church, pharisaical and permissive. The pharisaical person justifies their position under…
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How to Overcome Extreme Suffering

The Experience from a Women’s Retreat I was recently asked by New Vision Community Church to help teach at a women’s retreat in Texas. I was part of a team that included two other amazing teachers and mature women in…
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Women’s Prison Ministry: Letters from the Forgotten

I am here in Laredo visiting my parents who are the pastors for New Vision Community Church (NVCC). A few of the women at the church are involved in a women’s prison ministry in Nuevo Laredo, a town in Mexico right…
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A Better Way to Christmas Shop

Every Christmas, the average American spends $800. The profits from those sales will mostly benefit the shareholders, executives, and owners of those companies. Although many of these companies do make donations to charities, it is usually a tiny fraction of their earnings.…
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Learning How to Serve

In her Joseph Store House “uniform.” One of the things that is very important to me is that my kids have an expanded world view.  I feel lucky to have grown up in one of the poorest countries in the…
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