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Family Mission Trip: Short-Term Mission to Laredo, TX

family mission trip to Laredo, tx

Deciding on a Short-Term Family Mission Trip Early this year, my husband and I decided that we needed to do something a bit out of the ordinary for the sake of our girls. Like many American kids in their generation,…
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Five Powerful Prayers for Your Kids

Prayers for Kids Image

Parenting is hard. My oldest is now in her “tweens” and I am encountering a whole new range of issues to deal with. Honestly, the toddler years were simpler, but that is a topic for a whole other blog. As I…
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The Art of Raising Prayer Warriors: Part 1

raising praye warriors and teach kids to pray image

This is a two part blog with helpful tips for teaching children to not only pray, but to rely on prayer and to enjoy it. Make sure to also read the second part to this blog: The Art of Raising…
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Parenting with Grace and Truth

parenting with grace image

During a small group discussion last night, I was reminded how God may at times be displeased with us and will correct us, but his acts of mercy and forgiveness are even more pronounced. This morning as I reflected on…
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Becoming a SAHM, The Bravest Thing I Have Ever Done!

I was recently asked, “What is the bravest thing you have ever done?” As I quickly reflected on my life, I knew right away what the answer was. I have done some pretty crazy things. Some of them, in hindsight,…
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Empowering Children by Letting Them Struggle

Empowering children through Struggle

No parent wants to find out that their child has a developmental delay. However, I praise and thank God that mine did. That experience taught me that empowering children sometimes means letting them struggle. The Beginning of Wisdom Began with…
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