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Running Tips: Surviving Long Runs with a Toddler

Running tips long runs with toddlers

Toddlers Can Be Difficult Running Partners. If you are mom of small kids and a runner, the only way to run is to tow along the baby or toddler. Running when my little girl was a baby was a lot easier because she…
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Best Running Shoes for Kids

If you read my previous post on running, you will know that I am a firm believer that “finger shoes” are the best running shoes out there.  Not only do I use these type of shoes, I believe that kids…
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Minimalist Running Shoes: A Healthier Way to Run?

Minimalist shoes

You have probably seen them. The most obvious ones are funky looking shoes that some people like to call “finger shoes,” although there are many types. They also go by various names such as minimalist shoes and barefoot shoes. You…
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Best Camelback for Mud Run

Low profile on the right. Here are just a couple of notes on the best  Camelback for a Mud Run and if you should use one.  I have done two mud runs, both were Spartan Races.  The first was in…
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Preventing Stretch Marks While Pregnant

  8.5 Months (Second Pregnancy) Okay, I have read quite a few articles that seem to be pretty doom and gloom about stretch marks.  What I have read is that it is mostly genetic and if you have good genes,…
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Runner’s Diet for the Breastfeeding Mom

Runner’s diet for a breastfeeding mom

I am not a nutritionist by trade nor an expert runner.  However, I am a mom the exclusively breastfeeds and runs 5-6 miles a couple times a week. That translates to a huge calorie consumption. That is good for me…
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