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Teaching Nutrition in Pueblo Nuevo

This past weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a course on basic nutrition. Now, I am not a nutritionist.  I am just a mom who is concerned about health and writes about it on her blog.  It was therefore…
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Who Knew? Cactus is a Power Food!

A few days I was offered a cactus tortilla.  Yes, you heard that right, cactus.  I have had flour tortillas, whole wheat flour tortillas, corn tortillas, tortillas infused with spinach, tomatoes, etc.  A cactus tortilla was completely new to me…
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Light at the End of the Tunnel, Literally

I love my house.  It was built over 50 years ago and when we first purchased it there was little in the way of updates.  Since then we have redone just about every room on the main level and second…
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Best Running Shoes for Kids

If you read my previous post on running, you will know that I am a firm believer that “finger shoes” are the best running shoes out there.  Not only do I use these type of shoes, I believe that kids…
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Save the bees!!!

I don’t like bees.  I am actually petrified of them.  I got stung a couple times when I was younger and frankly, it hurt like crazy.  I am that lunatic that will jump and run and scream when a bee…
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Understanding Autism

This month is Autism Awareness Month.  I do not have a child with autism, but it is hard not to see how autism is becoming more prevalent and affecting us all.  I am sure that all of us know someone…
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