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Women’s Prison Ministry: Letters from the Forgotten

I am here in Laredo visiting my parents who are the pastors for New Vision Community Church (NVCC). A few of the women at the church are involved in a women’s prison ministry in Nuevo Laredo, a town in Mexico right…
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Running Tips: Surviving Long Runs with a Toddler

Running tips long runs with toddlers

Toddlers Can Be Difficult Running Partners. If you are mom of small kids and a runner, the only way to run is to tow along the baby or toddler. Running when my little girl was a baby was a lot easier because she…
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The Rainbow God

Most of us know the story of Noah. We therefore know that the rainbow is the symbol of God’s promise that he would never again destroy the earth with water. However, did you know that there is a deeper Biblical significance to the rainbow?…
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Learning to Give and To Share

My oldest daughter was an only child for 5 years.  She has always been very kind and for the most part shares her toys with her friends.  However, now that her little sister is here she has naturally become more…
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The Joys of Apple Picking

 My family and I went apple picking today.  I was reminded on what a wonderful low-cost activity this is for the family.   I think even my 7-month-old had a blast.  I remember enjoying doing this as a kid and it…
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Best Way to Organize Puzzles

Best way to organize puzzles

Ever wonder what is the best way to organize puzzles? My daughter loves puzzles. And I love that it gets her mind thinking and keeps her entertained.  What I don’t like is that all these puzzle boxes are everywhere and…
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