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Christian Music in Spanish (that you can dance to).

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My daughters listen mostly to Christian music. Even as my oldest daughter is approaching her teenage years, her love for Christian music has remained consistent even though most of her school friends listen only to secular music. Although I like…
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Removing the Sin to Remove the Violence

Another school shooting. Another violent end. As I find my emotions raging, I try to bring myself down and reflect on the God that made me and the God that created us. I try to reflect on His word and…
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A Child’s Faith

I have spent a lot of time teaching my daughters about prayer and trusting God. I have also taught them to expect miracles. Seeing that I have several years of knowledge and experience ahead of my daughters, sometimes I have gotten…
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Avoiding Food Wars

How do I deal with friends and family that continue to eat “bad” food?  And worse, what do I do when they try to give my kid their food? Believe it or not, I have seen these two questions pop…
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Tarta de Fruta Saludable

El postre favorito de mi esposo es la tarta de fruta. Por lo general, lo compro en Wegmans y tendría que pagar un precio ridículo para que lo pueda disfrutar del día de su cumpleaños. Este año, en lugar de…
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Lea Esto Antes de Vacunar con Gardasil

Cuando su hija llegue a los 9 años, el pediatra tal vez va a empezar a recomendarle que le de la vacuna Gardasil contra el virus del papiloma humano, un virus pasado durante relaciones sexuales (y ahora también se los…
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