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The Proverbs 31 Woman: A Woman of Valor

Proverbs 31 Woman of Valor Image

If I want to fruitfully live for God, I need to understand who I am as a Christian, as a person, and as a woman. There are many resources that I can turn to on what a Christian should be,…
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Ephesians 2:10……We are God’s Masterpiece

Ephesian 2:10 Masterpiece

One of my new favorite things to do is to create scripture art. I will see a verse, an image will pop into my head, and then I have to draw it. It is my own creative way of meditating…
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How Your Skills and Talents Can Make an Impact

How your talents can make an impact image

Are you trying to find your purpose? Do you wonder if you have any talents or skills that you can put to good use? Are you wondering what is the best way that you can serve God, what is your…
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Because Girls are Warriors Too!

Free armor of God printable because girls are warriors too!

Girls Want to be Warriors Too! My girls are stereotypical girls in a lot of ways. They love purple and pink and dolls and dresses and heels (if I would actually let them wear them). I am not a make…
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Breaking Free: The Evolution of a Sexually Abused Child

Overcoming Sexual Abuse

It was a metal door that kept me imprisoned. I remember that door so vividly even though some of the other details of the room are a blur. He would shut the door behind me and lead me by the…
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How Jesus Empowered Women

Jesus Empowered Women Image

When it comes to Jesus and women, he was ahead of his time. He elevated women to a position that was unheard of in the first century and his treatment of women defied every cultural norm. Unfortunately, this is a…
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