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A Better Way to Christmas Shop

Every Christmas, the average American spends $800. The profits from those sales will mostly benefit the shareholders, executives, and owners of those companies. Although many of these companies do make donations to charities, it is usually a tiny fraction of their earnings.…
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Prayer Apps for Your War Room Prayers

How many times have you told someone that you will be praying for them and then you forget to do so? At least I know I used to forget a lot. I, therefore, came to the realization that I needed a way…
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A Minister to My Family

Sometimes spiritual epiphanies come after a struggle. Mine came after an argument with my husband. Without getting into too many details about our disagreement, the root of the argument stemmed from my frustration that my current family situation kept me…
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The Coolest Detour Ever!

If you had not guessed it already by my Facebook posts, the final destination of our current family vacation was Tucson, Arizona. And if you read my previous blog, you know that we embarked on this journey to fulfill a…
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Keeping a Promise

A few months back, my husband made a promise to a loved one that he would visit her during the summer. We are on a tight budget, so our options were limited on how to get there. We took a…
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