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Ephesians 2:10……We are God’s Masterpiece

Ephesian 2:10 Masterpiece

One of my new favorite things to do is to creatine scripture art. I will see a verse, an image will pop into my head, and then I have to draw it. For me it has become a way to…
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How Jesus Empowered Women

Jesus Empowered Women Image

When it comes to Jesus and women, he was ahead of his time. He elevated women to a position that was unheard of in the first century and his treatment of women defied every cultural norm. Unfortunately, this is a…
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Jehosheba: The Princess Hero

Jehosheba Princess Hero Image

When we think of brave women of the Bible, Deborah and Esther come straight to mind, but have you ever heard of Jehosheba? Honestly, until yesterday, I had not. The story of this princess hero appears in only two Bible…
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Empower Girls: Raise a Christian Apologist

Empower girls, raise a Christian Apologisy

A Child’s Question Sparks a Conversation My eleven-year-old daughter asked me yesterday, “Is it okay if I learn about other religions?” The question was part of a conversation about how other religions object to Christianity. Thankfully, I already had an…
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When Jesus Broke Racial Barriers: The Woman at the Well

When Jesus Broke Racial barriers. Woman at the Well Drawing

Christians do not often relate the account of the woman at the well as a story about breaking racial barriers. The reason for that is because the word “racism” is really a modern word. When we read Biblical accounts sometimes…
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