Lessons Learned from the Ravi Zacharias’ Scandal

This story about Ravi Zacharias has shocked the Christian community because he was well-loved and respected–but honestly, it does not surprise me. Having thoroughly researched this topic, advocated for abused women, been a victim of sexual abuse, and battled with my own sexual sin–I know how easily sexual perversion can seep into the church. Little […]

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Jarena Lee: A Life of Courage

Jarena Lee

Jarena Lee is not a name that we often hear when we think of trailblazers in Christian history. I have often found her name missing from lists of inspiring Christian women, but the more I learn about this remarkable woman, the more I am convicted. Yes, she was a woman that beat all odds because […]

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How to Pray for a Divided Church

Division in the church is nothing new. In I Corinthians 1, we learn that Paul was dealing with division in the early church and he sought to squelch it with his letter. He did so by bringing the church’s attention back to the foolishness of Christ crucified because that is where true power is. For […]

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