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A Child’s Faith


I have spent a lot of time teaching my daughters about prayer and trusting God. I have also taught them to expect miracles. Seeing that I have several years of knowledge and experience ahead of my daughters, sometimes I have gotten stuck in my own adult arrogance. As my seven-year-old daughter likes to say, “Sometimes your brain just gets in the way.” However, a few months ago my daughter showed me that sometimes she can also teach me something.

We were in our kitchen and heard the rain start to fall. Shortly after, I heard the thunder and saw flashes of lightning. Very much like her mommy, my daughter does not like loud noises and dislikes thunderstorms. She marched right up to me and told me, “Mommy, I am going to pray for this thunderstorm to stop.” In an effort to save her from disappointment, I explained to her that the grass, the flowers, and trees need rain to grow.  She looked up at me annoyed and said, “Mommy, I am not going to pray for the rain to stop, just for the thunder and lightning to stop.” What was I to say? Even as I heard the thunderstorm getting closer and closer all I did say was, “Okay, honey.”

She closed her eyes, bowed her head and very simply said, “God I pray for the thunder and lighting to stop in the name of Jesus Christ.” As soon as she stopped, the thunderstorm was gone. It was still raining, but there was no more thunder and lightning. After teaching my children to expect miracles, I don’t know why I was even surprised.

The funny thing is that that she would do that again a few weeks later and most recently she did it again, or shall we say, God did it again. As soon as she stopped praying, the thunder and lightning were gone. Out of curiosity, those first two times I pulled up the weather radar and sure enough it was a sea of green intermixed with large red areas but right over our little town I could see only a green bubble. It is as if the worst of the storm went right around us leaving only the rain. Jokingly, now when we see a weather anomaly, we always say, “Emma must have been praying again.”

Watching my daughter pray and see God answer her prayers, is a reminder of just how much God loves us. No prayer is too big or too small. If He can be moved by the heart of a seven-year-old who is afraid of thunderstorms than He can also be moved by the cares that we bring before Him at the throne of grace.  All you need is to trust that He is able and willing and have that child-like faith.

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