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A Royal Mission: A Christian Book for Girls

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How do you inspire young girls to want to know Jesus? How do you help them understand their purpose in God’s overall plan? How do you help them build an identity centered on Jesus? These are the central questions that led to the creation of A Royal Mission. It is a Christian book for girls that helps them, in a simple, but effective way, understand who they are in Christ!

Why Girls Love It

Each girl is drawn to the book for different reasons, but the plot, the personalization, and the illustrations have captivated little girls’ hearts.

The Plot Is Engaging

Today’s girl doesn’t want to be the princess that sits back and watches the prince do everything! She does not want to sit on the sidelines and God does not want them to either.

In A Royal Mission, the young princess is the one tasked by a King for an important mission. She asked to leave her perfect kingdom and beloved home to enter a Lost World. The King doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulties the young princess will encounter in the Lost World, but he reassures her that she will not be alone. What is her mission? Does the princess accept it? And who is this mysterious King?

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The Reader Becomes the Protagonist

This is the by far the favorite part of my eight-year-old! In this book, the reader becomes the protagonist. Before starting to read the book, each child is instructed to find the decorative boxes sprinkled throughout the pages and write their name in them. After doing so, they become the princess! And the King is giving them a mission. The story is about them! (Note: Because each girl does personalize their own book, you will need to get one book for each girl in your life).

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The Illustrations Are Striking

As a mother of two girls, I knew the images had to be vibrant and captivating. It had to capture their imaginations. But I also wanted it to reflect the diversity of young girls in this world.

When she was much younger, my oldest daughter had mentioned that she didn’t see people like her in the Christian stories she was reading. In her own words, she was telling me she didn’t see girls of color. My heart sank for her. I didn’t want that to repeat itself in this book. The princess illustrated is a girl of color so that more little girls will find it easier to see themselves as part of God’s story.

“I bought this book for my oldest daughter, a very faithful, strong girl. She absolutely adored it! She felt empowered by the Princess in the story and immediately connected the Princesses Journey to her own journey as a Christian. It is beautifully written and amazingly illustrated! We have read it multiple times, and my younger daughter has asked for her own copy which I’ll be ordering soon!!!”

Diana, Doylestown, PA

Why Parents Will Love It

This is more than just another princess story.

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Giving Girls a Sense of Purpose

I wrote this book to help girls build a sense of identity that is rooted in the gospel message. They will walk away from the book knowing they were created for a special reason. They have a mission given to them by the King himself! I know that little girls will leave feeling a deep sense of belonging and a God-given purpose.

Questions to Discuss

Through the sage advice of a dear friend, I added discussion questions at the end. The questions allow parents to fully engage their daughter after the story and pave the way to discussing salvation, the great commission, and other important topics!

“A wonderful and clear illustration of the Gospel for written for children, especially girls, and great for anyone – including adults! For all of us!”

-Lorraine, Dublin, PA

Why Churches Will Love It

This is a great Christian book for girls that churches will love because Jesus is the focus of the whole story.

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The Gospel Message

For a non-Christian reader, it will not be immediately apparent that this is a Christian book. It is only at the end that I reveal that the King is Jesus. He is illustrated throughout the story as a triumphant King and not in the usual white robe.

I did that purposefully to draw young girls into the story without any preconceived notions of what they may have heard or seen of Jesus. I wanted them to fall in love with this King and to want to be part of his Kingdom leaving them with the desire to want to know more.

It is a great way to introduce the good news to little girls for the first time!! And even though the book begins as an allegorical story, it funnels parents and children back to Jesus and the Bible itself.

A Perfect Gift

This is not only a perfect gift for your favorite Christian girl, but for the budding princesses in your life that may not know Jesus. Girls will love how each book can be personalized for them.

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Now Available on Amazon in both Hardcover and Paperback versions!

“This kids book is amazing! It can relate to what we all are called to do for the kingdom of God. This would be perfect for preschool, middle school, high school, and adults. It even spoke to me!”

Sudamy, Plantation, FL

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