A Star Wars Devotional for Boys and GIRLS

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You may be wondering why I am offering a Star Wars devotional on a website dedicated to women and their daughters? The answer is very simple. Not all girls (and women for that matter) like flowers and princesses. There is a group of women and girls, especially among the younger generation whose hearts are drawn to action, adventure, lightsabers and little-known planets around the galaxy. My daughters are among them and I wrote this Star Wars devotional with them in mind.

Star Wars devotional

Not All Girls Are Created the Same

If you have followed my website for some time you will notice that I have a heart for women who are marginalized. Within that group are women who aren’t into the normal “girly” stuff. They want to go to Christian events where they make references to sports and serve bacon. Not sip tea and listen to another speaker about being a great wife and homemaker.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the latter, but there is nothing wrong with the former either. God created us all differently. But as a creator of Christian content, I want to be able to provide resources that appeal to the heart of both. (Feel free to also check out my blog, “Because Girls are Warriors Too” for another FREE resource).

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Why a Star Wars Themed Devotional?

The answer is simple. Star Wars is huge. It has a huge following and there are many middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adults that are captivated by it. Having worked with youth in the past and I know that it is important to create content that can make a connection between the things they like and the truth of the Gospel.

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I also hope and pray that this devotional can serve as a tool to get the attention of kids (and adults) that may not be Christians yet. Feel free to use it to introduce the gospel to the youth in your life who may not read a Bible, but would be more than happy to read anything with the words “Star Wars” in it.

The Theme is Jesus

This may be a Star Wars-themed devotional, but Jesus is at the center. My main goal in writing the devotional was to point kids to Jesus. In the devotional, I make references to many Bible themes and truths, but the devotional culminates with Jesus–as everything should.

This Star Wars Devotional is FREE!!

And for the best news, I am providing this devotional for free for the time being. So feel free to download it today for the budding Jedi in your life! And use it in your May 4th celebrations!

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