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In my twenties, I was a career woman. In my thirties, I was mostly just a wife and mom. Admittedly, the struggle between the career woman and the mom has led me to dig deep and explore what it means to be a woman, specifically a woman made in God’s image. And my own desire to have my daughters grow up to have fruitful lives as women has helped fuel my search to understand exactly what God had in mind when he created us.

The deeper I got into this journey, I became intimately aware of the number of Christian women who feel lost, uninspired, not truly understanding their own call or purpose. There is nothing more disheartening for me, than to see another woman called to be so much more, but stunted by distorted views of self-worth or an environment where the men around them limit their potential. I write for my daughters and I write for them. 

In this blog you will find the results of my research on what the Bible says about women. You will also find stories of my own struggles and damaged childhood and how God helped me work through those issues. At other times, you will see my struggles as a mother and the ways that I am helping my daughters grow up to be godly women.  The overall theme, I hope, is to live fruitfully in a fallen world embracing our femininity as defined by God and not the world around us.

I hope and pray that my biblical research, my struggles, my suffering, and my God-given victories will help other women define what it means to live a fruitful life as a woman. I hope and pray to edify, inspire, and encourage women to follow their true calling. A calling not defined by traditional Christianity nor by modern-day feminism. I want them, as I want my daughters, to find the calling that God made specifically for them.

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