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Printable Armor of God for Girls

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Ephesians 6:11 was written for both men and women. And yet, most of the artwork on the armor of God depicts men or boys. Very few made for girls even though girls are warriors too. Having girls that have a warrior spirit, I created a graphic with them in mind. If you sign up for my newsletter, I provide this printable armor of God for girls for free FREE! Details below.

Girls Want to be Warriors Too!

My girls are stereotypical girls in a lot of ways. They love purple and pink and dolls and dresses and heels (if I would actually let them wear them). For my first forty years, I wore very little makeup. I preferred the natural look. Yet, when my now twelve-year-old daughter was two, she would beg me to let her use the old dried-up makeup she found in my bathroom. I always wondered how she knew what it was for. This same girl is now a Star Wars fan and likes to pretend to be on adventures, warring in distant lands. In her mind, she is a skilled Jedi, a famous warrior, and yet she is all girl.  She is a girl that would tell anyone she meets that girls are warriors too!

It is Hard to Shop for Warrior Girls!!

As a mother, I have a hard time finding clothing, toys, or resources for warrior girls. If you go to the boy’s section there is a plethora of Star Wars T-shirts and pajamas for little boys, but the selection is limited for girls. My girls are not interested in a blue, boy-styled Star Wars shirt. They want a pink or purple one that has some flare. They want to be warriors, but they want to be girls too.

I have the same problem when it comes to Christian paraphernalia and/or resources. The ongoing theme is that boys are “warriors” and girls are “virtuous.” I would completely submit to that if that was actually biblically true. Let me explain.

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Spiritual Warriors are both Male and Female

The Bible uses a lot of military terminology. Even the Hebrew word “chayil” (often translated as “virtuous”) that refers to the ideal woman of Proverbs 31, is a military term (You can read all about it in The Proverbs 31 Woman: A Woman of Valor). In the post-resurrection period, military terms used in the Bible are used to refer to the spiritual fight.

Our mission as Christian men or women is not to conquer in a physical sense. On the contrary, in the physical world, we are to be more doves than hawks. We are to follow the example of Jesus, proclaiming the gospel in love. We are to care for and love people, even our enemies.

However, in the spiritual realm girls are supposed to be warriors too. It is not a role exclusively for boys. In the spiritual realm, women are supposed to be warriors too. It is not a role exclusively for men. Share on X  When Ephesians 6:11 informs us that we must put on the armor of God, it doesn’t say that only boys should put on the armor of God. Girls need the armor too!

Here is a FREE “Girl’s Armor of God” Printable For Your Warrior Girl!

Girls Armor of God

Yet, when I look for resources about being spiritual warrior for my girls, I have few places to turn to. There isn’t a lot of artwork I can put on their walls or books that they can read with similar themes. What I have had to do is come up with my own resources, my own Bible lessons, my own pictures, and books. I plan to offer many of these resources to my readers and the first one is a picture I drew for girls on the armor of God.  As a subscriber, you are welcome to this FREE printable to give to your favorite girl. Just sign up below.

If you know of other similar resources, please share in the comments for all our readers to enjoy.

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Printable armor of God for Girls Pinterest pin that depicts a girl warrior wearing the armor in Ephesians 6.
Printable armor of God for Girls Pinterest pin that depicts a girl warrior wearing the armor in Ephesians 6 in a white frame on pink background.
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