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Learning to Enjoy the Ride

Well, it has been a few weeks since we returned from our vacation in Arizona. I am back on the East Coast and trying to get back into a routine. I cannot believe those three weeks went by so fast. My…
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The Coolest Detour Ever!

If you had not guessed it already by my Facebook posts, the final destination of our current family vacation was Tucson, Arizona. And if you read my previous blog, you know that we embarked on this journey to fulfill a…
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Keeping a Promise

A few months back, my husband made a promise to a loved one that he would visit her during the summer. We are on a tight budget, so our options were limited on how to get there. We took a…
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Life Lessons at the Airport

  Last week I took my first trip without my daughters in seven years. It is hard to believe that I have not flown alone in such a long time. Since I spent a lot of time at the airport…
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Winter Storm: Blessing in Disguise

Our home after the ice storm. This winter, one of the many winter storms that passed through Pennsylvania hit us very hard.  There were hundreds of thousands of people without power.  I was one of those people.  I woke up…
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Thank God for Family and Friends

When my husband told me that he would be going to Japan for six months, I knew I wanted to spend time with family.  As I sit here now on the train, on my way back home from my two…
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