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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Baby is about 6 months here. We all see these famous, gorgeous women have babies and get back to their pre-pregnancy weight in no time.  If we all had that much money and could afford personal trainers, cooks, we would…
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The Joys of Apple Picking

 My family and I went apple picking today.  I was reminded on what a wonderful low-cost activity this is for the family.   I think even my 7-month-old had a blast.  I remember enjoying doing this as a kid and it…
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How to Eat Healthy During Your Vacation

When you are on vacation it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet.  Not only is there a lot of overeating, but eating a lot of the wrong things.  Temptation is usually abundant making it hard to say no.  If…
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Minimalist Running Shoes: A Healthier Way to Run?

Minimalist shoes

You have probably seen them. The most obvious ones are funky looking shoes that some people like to call “finger shoes,” although there are many types. They also go by various names such as minimalist shoes and barefoot shoes. You…
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My Six Srategies for Healthy Children

There is nothing more frustrating for parents than when your little one starts feeling under the weather.  You sometimes feel so helpless and wish that there was more than you could do to ease their discomfort.  Sometimes there is not…
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