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Serving the Gray: How a Small Church Can Make a Difference

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Most Fridays mornings, New Vision Community Church is bustling with activity. The parking lots are full, people are swarming in and out, and volunteers are hustling. This isn’t your regular church service activity. No, these are the days that New Vision Community…
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The Art of Raising Prayer Warriors: Part 1

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This is a two part blog with helpful tips for teaching children to not only pray, but to rely on prayer and to enjoy it. Make sure to also read the second part to this blog: The Art of Raising…
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Spiritual Warfare: Battle Plan for Prayer

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Amazingly, the War Room is now the number one movie in America! My heart rejoices knowing that such a powerful movie is moving the hearts of God’s people and calling them back to a life of prayer. In addition, the…
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Parenting with Grace and Truth

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During a small group discussion last night, I was reminded how God may at times be displeased with us and will correct us, but his acts of mercy and forgiveness are even more pronounced. This morning as I reflected on…
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One Easy Way to Improve Your Health

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There is an “easy” way to improve our health that does not require dieting nor exercise. I put “easy” in quotes because although it is as simple as uttering a few words, many of us find this very thing almost…
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A Better Way to Christmas Shop

Every Christmas, the average American spends $800. The profits from those sales will mostly benefit the shareholders, executives, and owners of those companies. Although many of these companies do make donations to charities, it is usually a tiny fraction of their earnings.…
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