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How Your Skills and Talents Can Make an Impact

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Are you trying to find your purpose? Do you wonder if you have any talents or skills that you can put to good use? Are you wondering what is the best way that you can serve God, what is your…
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Breaking Free: The Evolution of a Sexually Abused Child

Overcoming Sexual Abuse

It was a metal door that kept me imprisoned. I remember that door so vividly even though some of the other details of the room are a blur. He would shut the door behind me and lead me by the…
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How Jesus Empowered Women

Jesus Empowered Women Image

When it comes to Jesus and women, he was ahead of his time. He elevated women to a position that was unheard of in the first century and his treatment of women defied every cultural norm. Unfortunately, this is a…
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Jehosheba: The Princess Hero

Jehosheba Princess Hero Image

When we think of brave women of the Bible, Deborah and Esther come straight to mind, but have you ever heard of Jehosheba? Honestly, until yesterday, I had not. The story of this princess hero appears in only two Bible…
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How to Help Someone Overcome Extreme Suffering

I was recently asked by New Vision Community Church to help teach at a women’s retreat in Texas. The leadership team included two other amazing teachers and mature women in Christ. Honestly, I was the least experienced of the bunch,…
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Woman, Gird Up Your Loins (Proverbs 31:17)

Gird up your loins, modern woman image

Have you ever read a verse over and over and think you get it, but years later you read it again, and BOOM, you see something you had never seen before? This happened to me recently after reading Proverbs 31:17.…
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