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  1. Donna Miller

    Such great words of wisdom and I love the tips, especially “Negotiating Tip Four: Give Room for People to Save Face.” Awesome post my friend! I love reading about lesser known heros/heroines from the Bible. ❤

  2. Wonderful

    Hello Luisa,
    I like your beautiful page. I wanted to know, how do I download the free templates?

    Thank you
    Wonderful Davidson

    1. Luisa Rodriguez

      Sharon, let me know what templates you are referencing and I will be more than happy to send you some instructions.

  3. Nimrod Christ

    BELOVED Louisa I would like to get your opinion/understanding of Genesis 3;16. Peace. I AM your Friend Nimrod.

    1. Luisa Rodriguez

      Hi Nimrod, yes, I am overdue for an article on Genesis 3:16…..I hope to have one written soon.

  4. Rhonda G Hoskins


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