How Jesus Treated Women

How Did Jesus Treat Women?

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When we study how Jesus treated women, we will want to run, not walk to Him! The female species has no better advocate than the King of kings himself and it is a subject we will want to dive into.

Because of the debates among Christians (whether there should be women preachers, if men are the head of the household, etc.) we have lost sight of something incredibly empowering. Jesus elevated women to a position that was unheard of in the first century AD and his treatment of women defied every cultural norm. Those historical truths can transform how we see ourselves as women and how we identify our God-given purpose.

Why It Matters?

It matters for so many reasons!

It will help us better see the worth and value that God has given us.

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It will be a foundational truth that will help us as we work to define our own God-given purpose and His vision for our lives.

It will help us share the gospel better with other women and girls. I learned from my twelve-year-old that some of her friends are reluctant to come to Christ because they feel that Christianity suppresses women. How much easier will be it be for my daughter to reply kindly but knowledgeably to their objections if she has an in-depth knowledge of how Jesus treated women?

It will help us disciple and minister to those women who are struggling with self-worth, image issues, etc.

The list goes on.

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How Did Jesus Treat Women? Three Biblical Examples

There are three vivid examples in the gospels that reveal just how radical Jesus was when it came to the treatment of women.

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Mary of Bethany. Through this trailblazer, we learn that Jesus was advocating for the spiritual education of women. By doing so, he was also was advocating for greater social and economic opportunities. (Luke 10: 38-42)

The Samaritan Woman at the Well. This example teaches us that Jesus did not see women as a source of temptation that must be shunned by pious believers (a common belief of the time). He saw a broken woman who was worth reaching out to in a divine appointment. (John 4:6-4:29)

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The Woman That Touched the Hem of His Garment. Through this touching account we learn that when we have nothing, our faith can take us to amazing places. Because while no one else may see us, He sees us and has decreed it so. (Luke 8: 42-48)

I want to invite you to now go on to a deeper understanding of Jesus’ treatment of women with me and learn more about each of these accounts.

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Roll up your sleeves and be prepared to be blown away. Continue toHow Jesus Empowered Women.”

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  1. Yes! I think Jesus treated Women In the best& most Respectful way possible the WAY a “GOD Man” can & He continues to do so! Hurray Jesus!

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