Fifty percent of earnings from any affiliate commission or sale from Fruitfully Living Women items are donated to Christian ministries. We want to follow the example of Lydia in the books of Acts who provided for the needs of the saints. We believe it is our fundamental duty to help financially support others to fulfill God’s will in their ministries and services. You may visit Our Store here. 

Top Ministries We Support

New Vision Community Church

New Vision is a small church located in Laredo, TX that operates like a megachurch in its level of giving, community outreach, and missions. It provides for the needs of over 1000 elderly each month and has numerous events a year to provide for the needs of lower income communities. In addition, New Vision runs a ministry in Guatemala that tutors children in poor communities, provides BioStoves for family living grossly affected by smoke inhalation from indoor, open-flame cooking, scholarships for young adults, and food distribution. All of its efforts are accompanied by evangelistic efforts to bring the gospel to the communities they serve. 

Many of our missionaries are on the frontlines of Christianity and depend heavily on the generosity of other Christians to meet their daily needs. At Fruitfully Living Women, we will continue to support missionaries who we have a standing relationship with by providing lodging when necessary and financially to meet their needs. 


Other Ministries We Support

The ministries we support are largely focused on affirming the nuclear family, thwarting human trafficking, and supporting the underground church. We are blessed that in 2021 we were able to add a few more organizations to our list and increase the amount of our donations. That was only possible through your support!

Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) -OUR rescues children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Women at Risk International (WAR) – WAR provides support to women and children survivors of human trafficking and slaverey. 

International Justice Mission (IJM) – IJM helps rescue victims of human trafficking, but it also aims to strengthen justices systems worldwide. 

Samaritan’s Purse – Samaritan’s purse provides relief and support in a variety of ways to include disaster relief, support for veterans, Operation Christmas Child, women’s programs, etc. 

FAI Missions – FAI’s mission is to build foundations for the Gospel in unreached places. 

ACLJ – Engages in Legal and Legislative Action to protect religious liberty.

Global Catalytic Ministries – provides support to the underground church.

Focus on the Family – It has various outreach ministries to provide support to families.

The Caring Network – Provides education and support to pregnant women as an alternative to abortion. Support in 2021 was provided via our local church, Chapelstreet.

Blue Letter Bible -You will notice that all my scriptural references are linked back to the Blue Letter Bible. They do tremendous work and provide numerous resources for study.