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Organizing Your Prayer Life

prayer appHow many times have you told someone that you will be praying for them and then you forget to do so? At least I know I used to forget a lot. I, therefore, came to the realization that I needed to organize my prayer life. One of the simplest ways to do that is to keep a prayer journal, but if you rely on technology like I do, there is an app out there that will help you do just that.

I personally use the Pocket Prayer Pro. This little app lets me not only add the list of  people that I am praying for but also allows me to schedule prayers on specific dates. Scheduling works great if you have people that need prayer on a particular day for surgery, recital, job interview, etc.  The app also allows you to share the prayer on social media if you need the help of other prayer warriors.

Once a prayer has been answered, you can move it to the Answered Prayer category. I like this feature, because it allows me to review those answered prayers and be reminded every time God has come through for me or those that have been in my prayers. It is also a great way to remain thankful and to help build my trust in God.

There is also another app that I came across called the Prayer Notebook. I have not used this one in particular, but feel free to check it out and use the one that is best for you.

Whether you use an app, a prayer journal, or great memory (which I lack), the important thing is to keep praying always. So prayer warriors, keep on praying!!

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