How Jesus Treated Women

How Did Jesus Treat Women?

When we study how Jesus treated women, we will want to run, not walk to Him! The female species has no better advocate than the King of kings himself and it is a subject we will want to dive into. Because of the debates among Christians (whether there should be women preachers, if men are […]

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Jesus extending his hand out to a woman with a teal bacground

Jesus and Women

When it comes to Jesus and women, he was ahead of his time. He elevated women to a position that was unheard of in the first century and his treatment of women defied every cultural norm. Unfortunately, this is a subject that is not often talked about outside of academic Christian circles, but as women,

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Jesus and Racism

You cannot do a keyword search of Jesus and Racism in the bible app and find examples of Jesus addressing the topic. Why? Because “Racism” is a modern word. We often miss modern applications because we do not see our modern words in the text. But there is a beautiful example of Jesus crushing racial barriers

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